We offer customized packages and up-front pricing to serve you,
no matter your needs or net worth.
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One page, two meetings, three action items.

We now offer a one-page plan for a low flat fee. Best for working individuals with household income <$150,000 who are saving and investing toward future goals. For bigger projects, hourly planning is available.

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Ongoing planning with affordable subscription pricing.

We work with you to set personalized goals and create a plan for every area of your financial life. Got a question? We're available.​ Best for those with more complex financial situations looking for a long-term planning relationship.

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Streamlined and fully digital asset management.

We partner with Altruist to give you a delightful digital experience and keep fees low.​ We can also advise on held-away assets and create customized ESG portfolios based on your values.

One-Page Plan

$500 individual; $750 couple

The one-page plan is an affordable option for those with uncomplicated financial situations looking for a checkup and recommendations to meet their goals.

Flat fee includes:
  • initial meeting to learn about you, discuss your values and goals, and gather information about all aspects of your financial life
  • a one-page plan including your goals and progress towards them, current financial situation (net worth, cash flow, savings rate, etc), and at least three recommendations to help you achieve your goals
  • a second meeting to go over your basic plan, discuss recommendations, and answer any questions
  • 10% discount on estate planning services through Trust & Will

Ongoing Planning

One-time $500-$750 onboarding fee + $35 - $150/month

We work with you to create a personalized yearly service schedule. We cover things like:

  • cash flow, improving your credit, debt repayment, and spending plans

  • analyzing your investments to create a custom strategy given your risk profile, goals, and desired impact

  • helping you select the proper amount of insurance coverage

  • strategies to protect your assets and take care of your loved ones

  • saving for college and paying off student loans

  • employee benefits, such as insurance, retirement plans, FSAs, and HSAs

  • major purchases and life changes

Fees are based on net worth and complexity. We define "high net worth" as at least $750,000 managed by adviser, or net worth exceeding $1,500,000, whether individually owned or held jointly with spouse.

Monthly Planning Fees (HNW): Individuals - $35 ($100); Individual with dependents/Couple with no dependents - $50 ($125); Couple with dependents - $65 ($150)
Investment Management
0.40% - 1.00% annual fee

Our standard advisory fee is based on the market value of the assets under management and is calculated as follows:

Investment Management Fees (no ongoing planning agreement): $0-$100,000 - 0.75% (1.00%); $100,001 - $250,000 - 0.65% (0.90%); $250,001 - $750,000 - 0.55% (0.80%); $750,000+ - 0.40% (0.65%)
Hourly Financial Planning

Project-based financial planning is offered on an hourly basis. Hourly planning can be utilized for a comprehensive plan or projects more limited in scope. A good faith estimate based on the complexity and time involved is offered before the start of the engagement.